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Great Moments In History (Encore Post)...
1929 -  After blanking the Chicago Bears 23-0 and 14-0, Packers go on to win their 1st NFL Championship Title.
1930 -  After beating the Chicago Bears 7-0 and 13-12, Packers go on to win their 2nd NFL Championship Title.
1961 -  After beating the Chicago Bears 24-0 and 31-28, Packers go on to win their 7th NFL Championship Title.
1965 -  After humiliating the Chicago Bears 49-0 and 38-7, Packers go on to win their 9th NFL Championship Title.
1966 -  After beating the Chicago Bears 17-0 and 13-6, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl I.
1967 -  After beating the Chicago Bears 13-10 and 17-13, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl II.
1996 -  After beating the Chicago Bears 37-6 and 28-17, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl XXXI.
2010 -  After beating the Chicago Bears 10-3 in the last game of the season, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl XLV for their NFL leading 13th Championship.

*** This "Great Moments in Packer History" is an encore post from December 2005.
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Blast From The Past (Encore Post)...

From The Valley
Of The Giant




The Lovie


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Wednesday, October 08, 2014           

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Saturday, August 23, 2014           

The Best Part...
For a dude, whats the best part in dating a Vikings fan?

You know she's not looking for a RING!
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014           

Thirsty For A Draft... The Aftermath...
It's been a few days since the NFL Draft wrapped up and there's much for a Green Bay Packers fan to like. GM Ted Thompson was kind of lucky to have Ha Ha Clinton-Dix fall to the Packers in the 1st round at the 21st pick. The huge need in the defensive secondary is dealt with right from the start. I had worries that the Packers would trade down and I bet they would have if Clinton-Dix, along with LB C.J. Mosely, LB Ryan Shazier, and S Calvin Pryor were all off the draft board. Great pick for the Packers.

On Day 2 of the draft the Packers selected a WR in Davante Adams, maybe a reach in high-motor from a losing team DT Khyri Thornton, and pass-catching TE in Richard Rodgers. On Day 3, the Packers draft is rounded out by taking OLB Carl Bradford, C Corey Linsley, Wisconsin Badger WR Jared Abbrederis, CB Demetri Goodson, and in the 7th round with their final pick, small-school big WR Jeff Janis.

Things that stood out, the Packers take 3 WR's, now that should wake-up and shake-up the bottom half of the WR roster. Something I think was needed as 3rd WR Jarrett Boykin has been the only backup WR to show that they deserved playing time. Packers took Corey Lindsley, a center in the 5th round and along with current but un-proven center JC Tretter, I'm still not sure how the Pack think they have a NFL-caliber starting player in the middle of the O-line. I anxiously await to be proven wrong.

The obvious thing that stood out, no big ILB to push either AJ Hawk, Brad Jones, or Jamari Lattimore for the starting positons. Drafting an OLB in the 4th round, Carl Bradford and by signing undrafted OLB Adrian Hubbard afterwards, again, I'm not sure how they improved a position that appears on the surface to be a major need position.

I'm OK with this draft, no major complaints, the Packers have improved their defense this off-season, bringing in Julius Peppers, drafting a top-end Safety, the Packers have filled some of their glaring off-season needs. So with just that one exception at ILB, maybe Ted Thompson needs to change his signature motto from "Best Player Available" to "Best Player Available at a Need Position" heh heh

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!



Speak Out Spew Off!


Great Draft! Getting Ha-Ha Clinton Dix to fall into our laps is great! He will be the starter. He will wear #21 and remind a lot of people of Charles Woodson with his physical play. Davante Adams has a skill set that equals Jordy Nelson and makes Acrobatic catches, it was said in some circles that he has the best hands in the draft class. Khyri Thornon reminds me of Mike Daniels or a poor mans Aaron Donald. He will be a gog and get penetration in the backfield, great pick here.

There are rumblings that JMike might be back with the PACK, picking up a TE in the draft was important for depth although I thought it was a reach for Rogers in the 3rd, (I thought he could have been taken in the 5th) TT must have seen something or heard something to warrant taking Rogers in the 3rd, Rogers played WR his last year and knows all the WR route trees, he is a good blocker as well and being from California the connection with Aaron Rodgers is perfect. I can hear it now" Rogers to Rogers Touchdown! Over and Out!.

Carl Bradford is a Beast, he has Tree trunks for legs and can get upfield in a hurry! This is a good pick, and although he may not be a starter he will get time on ST and sub packages. Nice pick. Corey Linsley was a need pick, he has a nasty demeanor and will fit nicely on the line, in my previous post I stated that we need a big on offense and defense and the PACK filled that need. JARED "ABBEY" Abbederis, wow! I am so glad we got him, he fills an immediate needfor return specialist on KO and PR. He reminds me of Don Beebe he will be special. Demetrie Goodson will be a special teams player, he played basketball in college so this pick is developmental/practice squad.

Lastly, but not least, Jeff Janis is a Jordy Nelson clone. Great pick to stack our WR depth. As far as the ILB situation they must be high on Sam Barrington, he was one of my picks in last years draft... I like Barrington a lot,but also there is still June 1st when other players get cut. They could fill in some depth. Picking up AdrianHubbard as a college FA was nice we will se if he has what it takes to make the team!! Cannot wait for training camp me and my son will be there ...

Thanks Beerkid! and GO Pack GO!



HA HA CLINTON-DIX. Ha Ha is the sound I'll make when he tears Greg Jennings head off.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."
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Thirsty For A Draft...
Finally!!!!!!1!!!!1! The NFL Draft is here and we can finally crank it up to eleventy!!!!11!!!1 Packers GM Ted Thompson is sitting there with the 21st pick in tonight's draft where are the Pack leaning in their decision. Is it going to be ILB, or Safety. Wide Receiver is a possibility. Trade up? (not likely) Trade down? (more and more likely). Hard to say, if C.J. Mosley from Alabama falls... Packers will take him. Many mock drafts like Ryan Shazier from Ohio St to be selected. Ha Ha Clinton Dix? You know it's a position that needs an upgrade. Thompson almost nevers gives a hint at what he might do and that allows the speculation to run rampant.

I was glancing over the grade charts and it showed the 3 QB's - Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel - all sitting there together and pick #21 is an interesting spot to be if any or all of them slip that far down the draft board. There may be several teams interested in moving up. Just thinking out loud...

I want the Packers to take Mosely if he's available, I might be OK with Shazier from Ohio State, I would be OK with Dix, hell, I'd even be OK with Marqise Lee from USC. It would be awfully anti-climatic for the Packers to trade down when it's their turn, especially if it's out of the 1st round all together.

I don't want that to happen, and I'm actively praying to Vince to intervene on my behalf.

Go Pack Go!

Update: Packers select Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, a 6'1" 208 lbs free safety from Alabama with the 21st pick. Excellent!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Gearing up for another Great Draft. But first there are two parts of Free agency that some folks are forgetting, Pre June 1st and Post June 1st. Ted Thompson pracitcally stole Julius Peppers in Free Agency because of Chicago's poor cap management, and the best free agent signing for Green Bay has been Jay Cutler lol. But because Teams manage the cap poorly they lose quality players (Cap Casualties)Having Russ Ball is just important as having an Offensive Coordinator. The second part of free agency begins after June 1st when players rerport and are cut for whatever reasons,again these do not affect the 2014 CAP, Green Bay has roughly 12 million under the CAP as of this posting and 3-4 of that will be gobbled up by rookie contracts, the rest will likely go to Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson. Re-Signing the likes of John Kuhn, Mike Neal and BJ Raji to 1 year contracts is extremly smart. If they perform well the Packers likely re-sign them,if they performpoorly they get cut.

The Packers are also in good position next year loosing (3) quality players. James Jones, CJ Wilson and MD Jennings they will recieve compensatory picks for these guys in next years NFL Draft. The Draft is like WallStreet and Thompson is alike a Maverick Broker Wheeling and Dealing draft picks like they are commodities on the market. trading up for a guy who has great value, trading down when the market is soft. I suspect the same this year. TT has nreves of Steel when waiting on players and knows when to pull the trigger to make a move(Clay Matthews) so it will be no surprise that this wil be a spectacular draft. Yes we need a safety, a BIG on Dline and a BIG on Oline, a playmaking ILB, Depth at WR, TE, OLB and a QB to Groom behind Tolzien. We also have toreplinish special teams. Looking forward to a great Draft !!

Go Pack GO!


I've been admiring C.J. Mosley for a while and hope to get a Mosley packer jersey soon enough. He's good... He's damn good.


mosley ward borland


Good to see you back Beer Kid.. missed ya...

Rich McGeorge

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it."
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Thirsty For A Draft?
It's almost NFL Draft Time, and with the 2 compensation picks added to the Packers original 7 picks, it will give GM Ted Thompson a total of 9 picks to satisfy his annual craving to use the NFL Draft to accumulate the players needed to strengthen the Packers prospects for the upcoming 2014 NFL football season.

As you know, in the NFL, if you don't get better as a team every year you end up falling behind. That idea is never going to go away.

I think we all know that Green Bay needs and Inside Linebacker, a Free Safety, and I would add a top-level Wide Receiver. Most of the below mock drafts that I have gathered for your general amusement, I mean "come on", looking back at some of the other previous mock drafts almost no one gets any of players right.
  2014 Packers Draft Order:
  R1 21st
  R2 53rd
  R3 85th
  R3 98th*
  R4 121st
  R5 161st
  R5 176th*
  R6 197th
  R7 236th

* Compensation Picks for WR Greg Jennings and LB Erik Walden.

Who really cares about that, it's no big deal to be wrong, besides, it's fun to speculate about what the Packers and Ted Thompson are going to do with their draft selections, it keeps the alcohol flowing in Wisconsin and all points beyond.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


21.  C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama - The Packers could address the defensive end, linebacker or safety position at No. 21. Of those positions, C.J. Mosley is the best player available despite Charlie Campbell's report in the draft rumor mill that says Mosley is expected to go much later than most think. Green Bay just needs more speed in the middle of its defense to combat the scrambling quarterbacks it hasn't been able to stop.

53.  Trent Murphy, DE/OLB, Stanford - The Packers need pass-rushing depth in the event that Clay Matthews gets hurt again. Julius Peppers was signed, but it's looking like that was essentially just a 1-year deal. As Charlie Campbell reported, the Packers are very interested in Trent Murphy.

85.  Tre Boston, S, North Carolina - Is there any doubt that the Packers need to improve their secondary? Their defensive backfield blew so many coverages throughout the season, and they had no chance against Colin Kaepernick.

98.  Will Clarke, DE/DT, West Virginia - As mentioned earlier, the Packers are trying to get much faster on defense. They also need help up front, as B.J. Raji signed back on for just one more year.

121.  Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson - Mike McCarthy told the media that he wants to draft a quarterback early. Can you blame him after what happened this past season?

161.  Ryan Grant, WR, Tulane - The Packers lost James Jones to the Raiders, so they may want to add another receiver.

Walter Football


21.  Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State - For the second consecutive season the Packers were knocked out of the playoffs by Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers and therefore improvements in handling dual-threat quarterbacks will likely be a priority. Adding a pass rusher like Julius Peppers should help, but reinforcements in the back end is also necessary. Shazier may lack the length and pass rush skills traditionally associated with the 3-4 scheme but he is an aggressive, explosive defender well-suited to shadowing athletic quarterbacks.

53.  DaQuan Jones, DT, Penn State - Ted Thompson reloads the defensive line like few others and Jones' size and power makes him a fit at virtually every position in the 3-4.

Rob Rang - The Sports Xchange/

21.  FS Jimmie Ward, Northern Illinois - The Green Bay Packers defense is hoping for a jolt of energy with Julius Peppers on the roster now, but unless the big defensive end has learned to play free safety this offseason, the Packers' top need is still unfilled.

Since Nick Collins' injury, the team has lacked a playmaking center fielder, but it can fix that by adding Jimmie Ward. As the Packers plan a more attacking, versatile defense, Ward is the type of single-high safety they need next to a hitter like Morgan Burnett.

Ward excels in coverage, but he's fluid and aggressive playing the run, too. He might not have the hype of Calvin Pryor or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, but Ward is an ideal fit in the Packers system.

53.  Marcus Martin, OC/OG, USC

85.  Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

98.  Arthur Lynch, TE, Georgia

Bleacher Report - Matt Miller

21.  Jimmie Ward, SS, Northern Illinois - Green Bay has a need at free safety and although it would be somewhat uncharacteristic for Ted Thompson to go safety in the first round, Ward gives the Packers an instant upgrade in the secondary.

53.  Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU - The Packers' wide receiver unit isn't as strong as a few years ago -- minus Greg Jennings (2013) and James Jones ('14) -- but Landry could be the next Jennings in Green Bay.

Dane Brugler - Analyst

21.  Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota - Dom Capers’ defensive line, formerly a strength of the team, now has considerable issues. Tackle B.J. Raji is back on a one-year “prove-it” deal, while Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly are maybes to return, at best. At 6-6 and 310 pounds, Hageman has the potential to play tackle or end, and he’s a tackles-for-loss machine at his best. Some have compared Hageman to an embryonic J.J. Watt, and while that’s a stretch at this point, he does have All-Pro potential in a purely physical sense.

Doug Farrar - NFL Sports Illustrated

21.  Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State - Shazier is a sideline-to-sideline player and would line up on the weak side as well as being the nickel middle linebacker. He is always around the ball with nine forced fumbles, 40 tackles for a loss and 13 sacks.

Pat Kirwan - National NFL Insider

21.  Ryan Shazier, Ohio State, OLB34 - So the Packers now have an "elephant" in the room (Julius Peppers) and a hippo back on the line (re-signed BJ Raji). The Packers coaches have not been quiet about their want for more impact players on defense, especially at the Linebacker and Safety spots. As this draft has developed, they have the option here of going with a guy they love (Ryan Shazier) or a guy at their position of most need (Calvin Pryor). With other safeties they feel they can nab in round two or three, Shazier, who had 144 tackles as a senior, is the selection here. Having a guy like Shazier who could run down their recent nemesis, Colin Kaepernick, would be a huge boost to their Playoff aspirations.

Al Bracco - Jersey Al's

21.  C.J. Mosley Linebacker Alabama - Mosley is a linebacker that can play anywhere and he doesn’t excel in one particular area. This will suite the Packers just fine as help is needed inside and out.

53.  Jimmie Ward, S, Northern Illinois

DJ Boyer - New NFL Draft

21.  Taylor Lewan, T, Michigan - Though Packer fans are tired of 1st round O lineman, Lewan is a great pick up. Bulaga is unproven, and Bakhtiari is better suited at G. This team can’t afford to have pressure on Rodgers.

53.  Marcus Martin, C, USC - Martin is one of the top talents available. The Packers will need a big C and Martin can compete for that, or play G.

85.  Terrence Brooks, S, Florida St - The 1st pick that Packers fans will like. Brooks is the top talent on the board, and the Pack have seen bad play at the safety position.

98.  Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado

121.  Ego Ferguson, DE, LSU

Tyler Lurkins - New NFL Draft

21.  Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State - They looked so slow at times at linebacker. Shazier can run.

Pete Prisco - Senior NFL Columnist

21.  Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama - The Packers won't waste a lot of mental energy or time if Clinton-Dix is still on the board when their No. 21 pick arrives. They have the need at free safety and either Clinton-Dix or Louisville's Calvin Pryor would be an example of the draft delivering the necessary upgrade with great value for Green Bay's slot. If the re-born Julius Peppers can supply a little pass rush, and the Packers' last line of defense gets a first-round boost, defensive coordinator Dom Capers' job gets a little bit easier.

Don Banks - SI Inside The NFL

21.  CJ Mosley, LB, Alabama - Mosley is a steal at this point and the Pack go for the best player available. His range would be a welcomed addition to the front seven from day one.

Robert Davis - Football's Future

21.  Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville - Green Bay ranked 24th against the pass. SS Morgan Burnett struggled mightily after signing a new five-year, $26.1 million contract. Free safety M.D. Jennings ranked among the league's worst according to Pro Football Focus.

53.  Troy Niklas, TE, Notre Dame - Brandon Bostick currently sits atop the depth chart with Jermichael Finley and Andrew Quarless due to hit free agency. Niklas replaced Tyler Eifert (Bengals) as the starting TE in 2013 and caught 32 receptions for 498 yards with five touchdowns. He had just five receptions for 75 yards in 2012. Niklas is viewed as a solid blocker with decent athleticism.

Rob Warner - FFToolbox

14.  Eric Ebron – TE – North Carolina - **MOCK TRADE - Cowboys ** Cornerback is certainly an area the Green Bay Packers could go, but with uncertainty surrounding the future of tight end Jermichael Finley, they opt for a replacement. Eric Ebron is a big, athletic kid from North Carolina in the mold of a converted basketball player. He can get down the field quickly and has the hands to make tough catches.

NFL Mocks 2014

21.  Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama - **MOCK TRADE — Dallas Cowboys trade pick #16 to Packers for pick #21, #85, and #161** The Packers trade up ahead of Ozzie Newsome and the Alabama prospect loving Baltimore Ravens to get the best free safety in the draft to fill their biggest need defensively. Clinton Dix can hit, he can cover, and most importantly he can make plays on the ball. Paired with Morgan Burnett, he’d give the Packers a nice young safety duo.

53.  Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

Sayre Bedinger - NFL Mocks

21.  CJ Mosley, ILB, Alabama - Mosley might not be the flashy edge rusher or hard hitting safety but he's as close to a can't miss linebacking prospect as there is. His ability to play the run and excel in coverage will help an up and down Packers defense.

53.  Austin Seferian-Jenkin, TE, Washington - ASJ has the physical tools to be an elite two way tight end but the interview process will be crucial as teams try to investigate his character. If that checks out he could give Green Bay a dynamic player for a small price.

85.  Deone Bucannon, S, Washington State - The Packers need a safety and Washington State's Bucannon is highly thought of in draft circles

Marc Sluis - NFL Draft 101

Quoth Lombardi...

   "It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men."
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Sunday, March 16, 2014           

Beannachtai na feile Padraig...

Translated: Happy St. Patrick's Day - Let's Party!!!
Posted by BeerKid / 10:24 AM

Spew Off Speak Out...

Wow! Julius Peppers! A bit past his prime, but, he's an upgrade to which-ever position the Packers place him at.

Beerkid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Loved your site and the great graphics you produce. Hope you are back on a regular basis this football season.


Say, would someone please "WAKE UP" Ted !!!?? It's Free agency time and the PACKERS have a roll of "Tony Soprano money" to use and nothing is happening.

M.D. Jennings signs with Da Bears? Nice knowing you A Hole.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Would love for everyone to check out the new website. Pretty awesome content, plus a forum!


BeerKid! I'm so glad you picked up the mantel. The idea of this wonderful place is too great to miss. Good job! Here's to a great Packers 2014 season!


I would love to see a few Free Agents signed this year, Pick em OLB, ILB, Defensive Lineman, Kick/Punt returner and of course a Safety! We will have over 35 million to spend on Rookies and FA. Yes, we have to sign Jordy and Randall and Shields but there is room for a couple of good FA to get us over the hump. Fill in a couple of key players on Defense tweak the 3-4 to a hybrid/Psycho package and get help for Claymaker and a playmaking Safety. Since we lost Collins and Woodson the Defensive Backfield has never been the same. This team is only a few players away from dominnace again. 5 Straight playoffs with 3 Division Titles. Great but lets get that Lombardi Trophy!


Hey there BK...sooooo glad to see you back.

It's been a while for me also; I'd come to the site now and then, and when I didn't see anything new for awhile, I stopped checking in, assuming something had happened and that you were giving yourself space...

PackerPaul emailed me a few days ago with the good news that you were back online, but I just had the chance to read his email.

You sir have truly been missed! My Packer world is right again! Glad to see posts from some of the 'ol gang: Lemondrop, PackerPaul, and hopefully soon from 66 Chica...

Of course, putting things in their proper perspective, life and friendships are so precious; words can't express my sorrow for you and the McClean family. RIP Beer Scout, gone MUCH too soon.

Lady K


Glad to see the sight is up and running again, Lacey deserves ROY easily over Keenan Allen


Hey Packman... Eddie Lacey won the NFL Offensive Rookie of Year award... I agree, deservedly.

BeerKid - Pack 4 Life!

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Pursuit is the shortest course to the ball carrier and arriving there in bad humor."
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Saturday, January 18, 2014           

Packers 2014 Opponents...

Posted by BeerKid / 8:08 PM

Ancient Brewer's Tomb Found...
In my world, you would find me in total agreement that the person known as "head of beer production" is just as exalted as any King or Queen of Ancient Egypt and deserving of a highly decorated tomb of their own.  Salute!
    Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a brewer who served an ancient Egyptian court more than 3,000 years ago in Luxor.

    The man buried in it was "head of beer production", archaeologists say.

    A Japanese team found the tomb during work on another tomb belonging to a top official under Pharaoh Amenhotep III, who died around 1354 BC.

    Luxor is home to a large and famous temple complex built by Amenhotep III and later by Rameses II.

    Experts say the tomb's wall paintings are well preserved and depict daily life as well as religious rituals.

More can be found at the BBC-UK - Ancient Egyptian Brewer's Tomb Found In Luxor

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

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Saturday, January 04, 2014           

Speak Out Spew Off...
Hi Gang! Been a long time... no promises, but... watching the Packers battle through all their problems this year and then having it finally come down to duh Bears game... too much! LOL Go Pack Go!

With the Packers holding the 4th seed, playing the 49ers for the right to go to Carolina and face the Panthers, well, no stinkin' 8-7-1 record is going to be held against the Packers. The 1st game of year against the Niners, if it had been at Lambeau, the Packers would have won.

This match-up is going to be in frozen-tundra-like conditions, oh probably not as bad as they have been trying to scare us all with, but cold enough, and with the wind blowing, PLAYOFF FOOTBALL!!!

Simple prediction: Packers beat San Francisco 27-24 that will be one of those ugly but satisfied with the win games. LOL Go Pack GO!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Love your stuff - We need you back on a regular basis


Hey BK @@@@ Great to see you here!! Welcome back buddy!!!


Would love to see the defense learn to tackle, especially Kapernik. Wasted the first quarter playing conservative and that cost us. Didn't lose, just ran out of time.


BeerKid... great to see an updated post.

Wondering how BeerScout is and praying for him. Would love to hear good news about him and the Packers on the same day.


Hey Cosmicmsgr... see below or click here... Scott/BeerScout has moved on...


Tough loss yesterday. With all of the injuries this year, it was an accomplishment to make it as far as they did.

I hope Beerscout is doing well!! #GOPACKGO

MN Packer Backer

Hey MN Packer Backer... see below or click here...


pretty good prediction beerkid - we almost got r done.

falcon heights packer

The Pack will destroy those pansies from San Francisco!!! Go Pack!


Revenge is a dish which is best served cold. Go Pack Go!!!


Happy New Year Packer Palace! Screw the Bears! Screw the Niners!Go Pack Go!


Happy to have you back Beerkid!!!!!


Good to see some activity on this site as we head into the playoffs....great to have you back and "Go Pack"!

Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Welcome back Beerkid . . . Have a Happy Green and Gold 2014 to you and PACKER NATION.   "PACKER PAYBACK" on Sunday against the 9ers ...   GO PACK GO and let's smoke "Krapper-neck" and move on.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Quoth Lombardi...

   "It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men."
Posted by BeerKid / 10:44 PM

BeerScout R.I.P....
    Scott J. McClean 50, died peacefully at home in Pacific Palisades, CA on Wednesday, January 30th 2013, following a lengthy battle with prostate cancer...

    ...Scott moved to Pacific Palisades in 1990 to start working in entertainment for the music trade magazine Album Network. Later he worked for Sony Music in Santa Monica, CA and then as a freelance Graphic Designer.

    He had several design patents and was co-founder of with his close friend Norby/BeerKid.

    He published a book titled "Big News Prints" on over 400 historical newspaper articles of Big Foot sightings. Scott also loved biking and hiking the Malibu Hills, camping with fellow Sasquatch researchers in Northern CA, the History Channel, Public Television, and following the Green Bay Packers!
It's taking me a long time, almost a full year to get used to the idea that there is always going to be that lingering feeling of the loss of a best friend... for the rest - click here...   BeerKid
Posted by BeerKid / 10:30 AM

Wednesday, January 01, 2014           

Happy New Year!

Season's Greetings!

Quoth Lombardi...

   "I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious."
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Saturday, December 28, 2013           

Remember When...

Remember When You Broke My Collarbone?
I'm Back To Break Your Playoff Hopes.

*** Thanks to some as yet un-identified person on the internet for making me laugh the day before duh Bears game... ***

And Then It Happened...

Bears Broke My Collar Bone.
I Broke Their Hearts.

Packers win 33-28 and claim the 2013 NFC North Division Title along with the 4th seed in the NFC Playoffs with a record of 8-7-1.

LOL Go Pack Go!

I Don't Usually Fumble.
But When I Do.
It's A Touchdown.

His cadance has been known to cause trees to jump off-sides.
His scrambles are the envy of eggs the world over.
He has audibled out of parking tickets.
He is...the Most Interesting QB in the World.

*** Thanks to some more yet un-identified people on the internet for making me laugh the day after duh Bears game... ***
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Sunday, March 17, 2013           

Beannachtai na feile Padraig...

Happy St. Patrick's Day
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Saturday, November 17, 2012           

6 Points? Cute... 6 TD's...

Bears Scored Six Points Against The Texans?
That's So Cute
I Scored Six Touchdowns

*** Thanks to Packer Paul for forwarding this to us...
Posted by BeerKid / 7:34 AM